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Sonya was a great help to me and I really don't think I would have found employment so quickly without her help. Very proactive and kept me in the loop at all times. Thanks Sonya!

Anthony C August 16, 2018

The experience with Sonya was very pleasant. She is very helpful with great professionalism. I'm very happy with my current position. Thank you for your recommendation of the position.

Athena L. July 26, 2018

I approached Natalie about finding a more suitable job within the automotive industry back in March. It was only a matter of weeks before she found a suitable position for me to apply for. From the start Natalie was professional in her approach taking the time to listen to me and providing feedback. Natalie was always available to talk when I had questions. I can't thank Natalie enough in helping me secure my new job. I would recommend Automotive Recruitment Australia to anyone looking for a role within the Automotive Industry.

Carrie M. July 24, 2018

Thanks to Natalie I am in a great new career as a Sales Rep.  The process and communication was great making it a smooth transition for me through the interviews to gaining this new role.

George S July 19, 2018

Natalie and the team are amazing. I couldn't of asked for anyone better. The help and support I received goes beyond what you'd expect from a recruitment company. Would use again and recommend to everyone I can. The support they give doesn't end with getting you the job it is ongoing. Thanks for everything.

Troy D July 16, 2018

Natalie is just such a wonderful person to deal with. The steps from the first interview to the last were very clear and simple. Communication was very prompt.
Natalie is one of the few who I could actually say was very open and honest through the whole process. I look forward to dealing with her in the future to help build my career.

Deepa Kumar July 8, 2018

Natalie was amazing. She was very up front and told me how it was. Very thorough with everything she did. Credit to Automotive Recruitment Australia.

June 22, 2018

"Sonya was great once again, excellent communication and service.

I highly recommend Automotive Recruitment Australia if you're looking to get into or make a change within the automotive industry."  - Mike Selek

June 19, 2018

I was super impressed with the service provided by Automotive Recruitment Australia. After getting nowhere with direct applications, I arranged to meet with Natalie at a mutually convenient location. We went through my employment history and discussed where I wanted to go next. I had an interview within days and got the job offer soon after. I would thoroughly recommend Automotive Recruitment Australia to anybody currently looking or considering a role change. Thank you so much!

Graeme Swaine April 17, 2018

Dealing with Natalie was great. She listened to what I wanted. She made me feel important and special. I have already recommended her.

Tracy Rough April 14, 2018

I just wanted to again thank Natalie for all her work in landing me my new role. The entire process has been really enjoyable, and so seamless.

As I have made comment to several friends, Natalie, as far as I am concerned, is absolutely the best in the business, and I will be referring anyone I know in the industry that is looking for a change, straight to her.

I feel that I definitely owe her a coffee at the very least! Thanks again.


Tony March 11, 2018

I had the pleasure of dealing with Natalie during a recent employment change to a different sector of the automotive industry. Natalie's constant and honest communication throughout the process was exceptional. I would highly recommend Natalie and the team at Automotive Recruitment Australia. Thank you again.

Shane March 5, 2018

I have found Natalie to be helpful, honest and reliable.                                                                                                              There are not many recruiters that actually call you back, but this is not the case with Natalie.                                      Thank you Natalie for helping me to find a role that suits my skills.                                                                                            I will definitely be in contact, if the need arises.

Debbie March 5, 2018

Thank you to Sonya Poci. She supported me every step of the way until I got the job that I wanted at Toyota. She has always been there anytime I need. Thank you so much Sonya.

Olivia Rolin February 26, 2018

Natalie was fantastic. A great help and great feedback.

Josh Cauchi February 6, 2018

Could not recommend Automotive Recruitment Australia enough. Sonya really went out of her way to be an advocate for me, which was amazing. I couldn’t thank her enough.

Jana February 6, 2018

Automotive Recruitment Australia was a great contact, and Natalie communicated well with me. Received help through out the process and was lucky to be accepted for the role applied for. Very happy. Thanks again Natalie and Automotive Recruitment Australia.

Jason January 31, 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Smith Director/Recruitment specialist as I was applying for a role in the Automotive Industry. Her knowledge of recruiting in the industry and the approach she takes to deliver the right candidate to her clients is nothing like I have experienced with other recruiters. I had only applied for 1 job however Natalie managed to line up an extra 2 options for me that would suit my experience. I was offered the 1st role I interviewed for. Thanks Natalie for your support- your determination, open communication & knowledge are outstanding. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone seeking a career in the Automotive Industry.

Matthew Thomasse January 18, 2018

Four and a half years ago I applied for a role in the automotive industry, this is when I met Sonya Poci. Within no time Sonya had me placed within a respected and prestigious dealership. Sonya is one of the most professional, dedicated, passionate, honest and best recruitment agent I have ever come across in my working career. Sonya is the first and only recruitment agent that actually cared about my needs and expectations as a candidate unlike other recruitment agencies and agents that I have unfortunately dealt with in the past. Automotive Recruitment Australia, Sonya Poci - Thank you for your ongoing support. You are the true definition of - The Best Or Nothing!

Angela Gasparinatos January 11, 2018

I can honestly say that at every stage of the interview process Natalie was professional, informative and easy to talk to. Natalie was constantly working for the best outcome for both the company and the applicants.

Benjamin Hext January 10, 2018

Our candidates success stories

Dear Natalie,

It is with my warm heart I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you so much for everything you have done for me this past 2 months throughout the recruitment and interview processes surrounding my new career path and recent welcoming to the team at Nexus Aftermarket.
A little over two months ago, I was incredibly uncertain and unsure about where things were headed for me, and my professional working status. I knew what my capabilities were and I knew where my heart sat, however I was headed for a position that I knew wasn’t really where I wanted to be, and some hard decisions had to be made. Despite the opportunity of owning the tittle of “Parts Manager” and all that comes with it, I turned away from that in pursuit of something better, stronger, something more me, in hindsight now, I’m so glad I did.
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be joining Jim, Paul the team at Nexus and how excited I am to be joining a leading force in contributing all of my experience, knowledge and dedication into the trade sect of the Ford parts business and its development within the Ford dealer network.
You really have been wonderful to me Natalie, and the professional manner of which you have guided me through is “unknown experience” has simply been first class.
I believe everyone in life has defining moments that become the catalyst in paving the way to the people they are destined to become. I regard this experience and the events of this role achievement as the new beginning of my “serious” working life. And I owe a lot of this to you.
I really didn’t know what to expect at the beginning of all of this, and now some two months later and with the achievement/s you have assist me with, it has given me a new sense of belief, commitment and confidence that I always knew I had, but just needed a little bit of help to rekindle.
I honestly feel like a new man, and that I am on the verge of a new and exciting phase of my life and I cannot tell you how wo

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  1. adriand@lexusofbrighton.com.au'
    Adrian Drakopoulos on

    I have been dealing with Sonya for many years, and Automotive Recruitment Australia have always provided quality candidates at reasonable costs. Sonya is always extremely helpful, a fantastic communicator throughout the entire process and is a pleasure to deal with.
    I would highly recommend her services and will continue to use for all future positions within our organisation.

    Adrian Drakopoulos
    Group Parts Manager
    Gas & GasMak Motor group.

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